BadFly Interactive Are Sick Of Unfair Reviews

BadFly Interactive Are Sick Of Unfair Reviews

Developers of Dead Effect, and upcoming sequel Dead Effect 2, BadFly Interactive have had enough of bad reviews. That isn’t to say that they’re actively telling games press that they hate their reviews if they’re bad, they’re just sick of their independently developed games, made by all of eleven people, being compared to Triple A titles made by hundreds of developers in a compound somewhere.

COGConnected, an online entertainment publication, received an interesting email from BadFly that reads as follows, pay attention to the highlighted text.

‘Let me just mention one thing, though: this is an indie game which, unfortunately, is very often compared with big-budget games, and that’s quite a problem and very much damages its reputation in final ratings. Please take into consideration the fact that this game was created by a small team of developers (11) who just try to develop a good shooter game, and that’s about it. Unfortunately, a number of journalists have other, much bigger expectations from it, and that’s very damaging for us eventually.

Also, we’re working on several other games that are definitely interesting, and if your review or preview of Dead Effect 2 is very negative, you won’t receive any keys from us in the future.

Now I must make it perfectly clear that what COGConnected are saying about the developer trying to Blackball, or blackmail, media outlets into only giving their games good reviews is an incorrect knee-jerk reaction to the email that has seriously ruffled their feathers.

BadFly Interactive isn’t saying they will withhold keys for games when a developer gives their game a bad review, they’re saying they won’t send further keys if they feel that their game was reviewed as something it isn’t. For example, if you compare Dead Effect to any Call Of Duty title, of course it won’t stand up. There’s no way you can craft a fair review if you treat all games as though they’ve been made by massive teams, held up by huge publishers.

Independent games deserve to be reviewed in mainstream media, because they’re far more artful that the larger releases they get compared to most of the time. Indeed, lack of gameplay in an indie game is sometimes a deliberate choice made by the developer to make a point.

I have no idea if this message that I understand what they’re saying will get back to BadFly Interactive, but I feel as though I need to say something before every news outlet jumps on the badmouthing bandwagon. Don’t believe the clickbait titles, this developer wants fairer reviews, and they shouldn’t have to ask with actions like this!

Let me know what you think of this subject in the comments, I’d love to chat about it more.

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