Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare’s Zombies Mode Looks Incredible

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare’s Zombies Mode Looks Incredible

With Gamescom on this week there are a lot of announcements pouring out of the conference at the moment. Among the slew of pretty amazing news comes the reveal of the zombies mode for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. While we knew last year that there would be a zombies mode in Infinite Warfare, we didn’t know exactly what form it would take.

The trailer we’ve seen shows an incredibly 80’s-themed map called Spaceland, which looks to be the only map we’ll have at launch with more to follow with each piece of DLC. The striking difference from the slightly mad but also quite serious Black Ops 3 zombies mode is refreshing, but also makes me think of another 4-player co-op zombie shooter.

That’s right, it’s Left 4 Dead. While the popular zombie shooter from Valve has had no announcements over recent years the fanbase has been huge, and stayed loyal by playing for all this time. I often hear people saying Valve should do a Left 4 Dead 3, or there’s a Left 4 Dead 3 in development, but nothing much has happened for a good long while with the series. Infinite Warfare looks like it’s going to give Left 4 Dead fans something they’ve wanted desperately for so long, new content!

The horde mode that is zombies usually sees you start in an area and buy your way out of it to the ‘end’ of it with points from kills and defence building. I didn’t see anything concrete from the trailer, but Spaceland appears to be slightly different to the classic Call Of Duty zombies mode, and much more like Left 4 Dead levels. In Left 4 Dead a group of survivors run through a level, killing zombies and completing objectives as they go, recovering players who die from ‘safe rooms’ placed around the level. If Spaceland is like this, then I’d be super happy about it because those Left 4 Dead levels were almost endless fun.

In conclusion, Infinite Warfare looks as though it’ll be changing the usual Call Of Duty zombies format, but does the mode we’ve all come to know and love need changing at all? In my opinion it does, before it gets too stale for its own good. Call Of Duty was once shiny and new when the campaign offered us something other than historical warfare, and now that’s what we’re gagging for. Zombies mode needs to be different, changing the formula each time in order for us to continue to love it. If Spaceland is anything like Left 4 Dead, which it looks very much like it will be, then we’re in for a real treat. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: AttackOfTheFanboy


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