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GWENT #2 Northern Realms Starter Deck

This is the second episode on Gwent, the Witcher card game from The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. If you haven’t played this game yet, or tried to get into the beta at least, I thoroughly recommend that you do. This time I’m checking out the Northern Realms starter deck, which is nowhere near as good […]

GWENT #1 Skellige Starter Deck

The addictive card game from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, has been slowly growing in popularity as its own game. CD Projekt RED began making GWENT soon after the release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and currently it’s in open beta for PC via the launcher. Recently however, a technical beta was held […]

Mass Effect #5 Stupid Council

Shaun has a bit of a go at the council, and you guys get to see my face for the first time in the Mass Effect playthrough! Be kind, I know I have a massive, dirty beard. Anyway, Shaun gets all salty with the council because he generally just hates them, he really doesn’t like […]

Mass Effect #4 Weird Consort

I’ll be honest here, I had no intention of sleeping with an alien in Mass Effect! As Shan works his way through the Citadel completing quests at every turn, he also happens to help out the Asari consort who’s quite renowned around the city. However, her way of thanking Shaun isn’t just to give him […]

Mass Effect #3 Humans Are Second Class Citizens

This time out Shaun gets super pissed at the council because Humans are being counted as second class citizens in the universe of Mass Effect. It seems to be that Shaun really hates the council, and pretty much says anything against them just because they’re all high and mighty and he’s a down to Earth […]

Dishonored Knife Of Dunwall #2 Gruesome Whale

This time out in Dunwall I’m trying to enter this whale oil factory in order to kill the leader and find this Dianna. What you’re going to see as I go through is just how much more intense these levels are compared to the main game’s, and it doesn’t end once you kill everyone. So […]

Mass Effect #2 You Had A Nap?!

In this second part of my Mass Effect playthrough we really start to see Shaun blossom. I have to put it out there that when I began this series I had no idea who Shaun would be, and this is the point where we start to see him forming, like some kind of disgusting ooze […]

Mass Effect #1 Shaun Shepherd The Engineer

Welcome to my playthrough of Mass Effect. I’m going through the trilogy, starting with the original of course, and creating a character I can have fun with through all of the Mass Effect games. In this part we see the birth of shaun Shepherd, what drives him, and get to shooting some alines too which […]

Dishonored Knife Of Dunwall #1 Kill Everyone!

I’m starting out in The Knife Of Dunwall DLC for Dishonored! In my playthrough for the main game I was trying to be as stealthy as possible, avoiding combat at every point I could. Sadly that goes out of the window here, and I don’t even understand why! I end up lunging for and killing […]