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The Last Of Us Part 2 – A Story Of Hate

With the announcement of The Last Of Us 2 at Playstation Experience 2016, there has come much excitement for the chance to revisit a world so dear to so many. However, more than a few questions have been raised by the trailer, which shows Ellie, five years on from the end of the original game, […]

How Good Will Guardians Of The Galaxy Be As A Telltale Series?

Recently it’s been revealed that the Marvel property that Telltale have been working on is none other than Guardians Of The Galaxy. The well-loved franchise with a second film in the works is already incredibly popular, and this next series will no doubt take advantage of that popularity by serving both fans of the movie, […]

What Could Red Dead Redemption 2’s Story Be?

So yesterday Rockstar revealed Red Dead Redemption 2! Now this sparked two main responses, the first of which I am definitely a part of and is super excited by the announcement of a new release in the series. The second reaction was to complain bitterly that it should be Red Dead Redemption 3, or even […]

Would You Destroy All Humans On PS4?

Recently¬†Destroy All Humans was rated on PS4 for Europe. What does this mean? Well it could either mean that there’s a new Destroy¬†All Humans game being developed specifically for Playstation 4, or the original game is being remastered from it’s PS2 state into one of those quality HD remasters we’ve been seeing so much of […]

Outbreak Prime Uncovered – Destiny Raid Puzzle Solved

Last night Twitch Streamer Datto finally solved the puzzle of the last screen and chest in the new Destiny raid, Wrath Of The Machine. The Rise Of Iron raid was conquered in around 2 hours after it launched, by those trying to finish it in the fastest time possible. During the course of the runs […]

Should Sony Have An Early Access Program?

This week we’ve heard some interesting news from the developers of Ark: Survival Evolved. This game has seen a lot of success on Steam, and is now available for Xbox One owners through the Game Preview Program, but Playstation 4 owners are going to have to wait until the game is finished before they can […]

That Day We Left Now On Kickstarter

A game that’s hitting home in a lot of ways, especially for anyone living in Europe, That Day We Left has hit Kickstarter in an effort to gather up some funds to continue development. I’ve been following this game for a while, after the developers got in touch with me about it initially, and it […]