Combining Creativity – Three AAA Developers Form New Studio

Combining Creativity – Three AAA Developers Form New Studio

Three ex-developers of AAA titles Hitman, Dying Light, and The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt have combined forces to open a new studio, Strange New Things. The company’s website offers little information about their current project, which looks to explore the effects of certain events on the protagonist, but does offer some interesting information about how they work.

While we could go into detail about how Hitman has great sandboxes, Dying Light has amazing parkour, and The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt has an epic open world, no one of the developers founding the studio is going to be solely responsible for any one of those things. Indeed, the studio’s homepage seems to offer a converse opinion on the normal structure of video game developer offices, stating that they have no hierarchy or pre-definied roles. This means that everyone can have an opinion and pitch in on everything, obviously only to the point just before it hinders the integrity of the project.

The studio also isn’t only made up of the developers of those three games I mentioned earlier either. It’s made from over twenty ex-developers of AA titles, with a combined 144 years of industry experience. All of these developers joined Strange New Things because they wanted more from their work, whether that comes in the form of freedom to make whatever they want, or the ability to work normal hours as opposed to the near constant schedule that follows AAA development.

One thing that we’ll be seeing for sure from this studio is creative projects. The industry is full of creative games, some of which many people never hear about like Raft, while others sell millions of copies such as FireWatch and Unravel. These titles are interesting because they offer ideas and themes that we don’t often see in AAA releases. Call Of Duty publisher Activision, for example, would never allow a Call Of Duty game where players simply explore and never shoot see the light of day. Equally, creative and unique releases like Unravel and FireWatch can’t lean on the tropes of popular releases like first person shooting, towers to unlock, and so forth. Let me know what you think of the new studio in the comments.

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