Dishonored Knife Of Dunwall Review

Dishonored Knife Of Dunwall Review

Daud’s improved power over Corvo’s gives the player the ability to take this new world by the balls and tell it they’re the boss.

Dishonored Knife Of Dunwall is not only a DLC that compliments the main game with additional content and story, it provides completely new areas for the Dishonored gameplay formula to take place in, constantly challenges your expectations, and expands the already incredible Dishonored universe, allowing you to spend a little more time there in fresh environments full of new enemies to ruthlessly murder.


Dishonored Knife Of Dunwall follows Daud, leader of the group of outcasts who kill Emily Caldwin’s mother at the beginning of the main game. From this point on Daud is taunted by the Outsider, being told he has one more use before his end. Daud is reflective throughout Knife Of Dunwall, and gaining insight into the events that occur around him leading up to his encounter with Corvo builds him as a core character, giving him more meaning than he had in the original game. As is Dishonored’s fashion, Daud’s story has a twist that you may or may not see coming, but the missions leading up to that point are engrossing enough that they should keep your mind from wondering for fear of being caught.


While The Knife Of Dunwall is much of the same Dishonored gameplay, it’s very different to the original at the same time. Some missions may feel similar to those from Dishonored’s main story, they’re different enough to stop you feeling like you’re retreading old ground. One thing that has been ramped up massively is the level of enemies in each level, not only are there more when carve your way through the initial quests, each mission usually sees you traipse back the way you came with even more guards in your path.

Levels feel more well thought out in Knife Of Dunwall, with alleyways and open windows linking areas together like nothing seen in Dishonored. One mission sees Daud take on a target in the legal district, which is guarded on all sides in very possible area. Guards patrol every building, and just when you think you’ve evaded them you find yourself in the path of them yet again somewhere else. Certain guards are even placed well enough to see you through the copious windows of the main building. While this might sound like a nightmare, it actually pushes you to play more like Daud with stealth, ingenuity, and making the best use of everything available to you from environmental items to weapons and gadgets.

Daud himself feels like a very different protagonist to Corvo, and a large part of that is his loadout. While there are similarities in what the two assassins carry such as Daud’s Wristblade and Corvo’s Crossbow, other items such as the Arc Mine give Daud a much more lethal feel than Corvo ever had. Indeed, Daud’s lethality extends into his powers, which differ from Corvos. When using Blink Daud freezes time, making for some amazing runs through levels as you leap off a ledge and suddenly freeze mid-air as you decide where you’re teleporting to. Other powers such as possession make a return in Daud, but everything about him screams murderer, making it hard to stick to the passive path.


Daud is a much better killing machine than Corvo, but he’s not without his faults. The world of Dishonored the Knife of Dunwall is much scarier than Dishonored’s, presenting a far greater challenge than even experienced players will feel comfortable in. With that said Daud’s improved power over Corvo’s gives the player the ability to take this new world by the balls and tell it they’re the boss, if they’re strong-willed enough. Knife of Dunwall is a Marmite moment in Dishonored, but for most fans it should be a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

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