Inferno Clash Hits The Crucible Today

Inferno Clash Hits The Crucible Today

Do you think Destiny‘s Crucible is just too easy? Do you want a multiplayer mode in Destiny that forces your fireteam to communicate more effectively and be far more aware of their surroundings? Great! Because Bungie is adding in the latest Crucible mode, Inferno Clash, this week, and it’s really bloody challenging.

Let’s take a look at the specs for Inferno Clash so you can get to grips with exactly how hard it is. Firstly there’s no radar in the top left of the screen, meaning players can’t hide in corners near doorways and wait until they see the red blips appear to gain kills. Equally, this means you can’t see if a Guardian is hiding in a corner waiting for you to run by, so you need to be extra careful and observe your surroundings as you run to your next objective. Secondly, only kills get points. There are no Assists and no other medals that earn points for the team in this round, if you kill, you score, that’s it. This means you need to be far more effective with your guns, and you need to listen to your team. If someone else on the fireteam starts shooting, head to their position and gang up on that enemy so you get scoring fast. Thirdly, there’s less Heavy Ammo in this mode. Whereas in normal Crucible matches you can get around three Heavy Ammo drops per game, you only get one in Inferno Crucible. What tis means is that you need to be the one getting the Heavy Ammo, because if you’re not, you’re the one getting hit by it. Many players simply leave the Heavy Ammo alone because it causes players to bunch up and kill each other with massive explosions, but in this mode you need every kill you can get, so it should be something you run for immediately.

Obviously communication is imperative in this mode. With the opt-in voice chat now available you should be able to talk to whoever you want, but that doesn’t guarantee a win. You need to be telling other players where you see enemies, and working with them to flank those enemies to get the most kills. Inferno Clash is going to be available from today, at around 6PM GMT, so get in there right away to be king of the new mode. The maps you can play in are as follows, The Anomaly, Firebase Delphi, Twilight Gap, Rusted Lands, Shores of Time, Blind Watch, Asylum, The Burning Shrine, The Cauldron, and Pantheon.

Let us know what you think of the new mode in the comments. If you haven’t bought Destiny or it’s season pass, buy it through these links and support Clipping Error: Destiny (PS4), Destiny (Xbox One), Destiny (Xbox 360), Destiny (PS3), Xbox Live £35 Gift Card (Destiny Expansion Pass) [Online Game Code], Destiny Expansion Pass (PS4) [Online Game Code].

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