Microsoft E3 2017 Conference Live Blogging

Microsoft E3 2017 Conference Live Blogging

Okay so it’s the first real big E3 2017 conference, and I’m going to be live blogging throughout the entire thing. This is the first console manufacturer to get out there and tell everyone what’s going on with them for the next year or so.

So let’s talk predictions around what they’re going to say. Obviously we’re going to be getting a decent amount of Scorpio news, and more than likely a release date that’s some point this year. A new Ori game has been leaked as of today, I know that the original was brilliant according to everyone who played it so a sequel was always on the cards. Halo 5 Guardians was pretty underwhelming, and considering Halo games are a staple of Xbox consoles there really does need to be a new one for Scorpio. However, I’m not sure 343 are able to make something as good as Reach again, mainly because they have Microsoft breathing down their necks to innovate and change everything up. I don’t think we’ll see a new Gears game yet, although we could get a glimpse of a new one if there’s anything to show. What we do know we’ll see a little bit more of is Bioware’s new title, ANTHEM. Microsoft is losing more and more games to Playstation when it comes to content coming to their consoles first, and that’s because no one wants an Xbox anymore. Scorpio needs to be a big deal and make a difference in the market, or this new console is going to kill the Xbox division.

Conference Live Blogging – update every five minutes to see the most up to date stuff!

Okay so the conference kicks off with a kind of history of the Xbox, leading up to the Scorpio images and some really emotional music, showing us what we already know, the Scorpio is coming this year. Phil Spencer then walks out onto the stage and starts doing his admittedly pretty cool thing. He only goes and reveals the Xbox One X, which is now the most powerful console every made. The console will be joining the lineup of Xbox consoles already on the market and host the best and brightest among Xbox games from now on. One of the creators comes out on stage and begins riffing off loads of numbers that show just how good the console is, they really do mean nothing to me sadly but they sound big. The console is 4K, of course because it has to compete with the Playstation 4 Pro, and all Xbox One games and accessories are compatible with it. Like the Playstation 4 Pro this console will give a significant boost to the looks of all games you play on it. The console is so ‘intense’ it uses liquid cooling, which I can confirm is pretty mental because I work with servers that use that technology and need it. To top it all off this is the smallest Xbox console ever apparently.

Okay now we get a look at a game. It’s Forza 7, and it looks pretty damn nice. I don’t tend to go in for racing games, but this is probably the ebst looking one I’ve ever seen. Then we get ridiculous as they announce and reveal a brand new Porche Supercar at E3! That’s a first for E3 right there. I feel like all I can talk about now though is the fact that, like EA with their effort to make sports games less boring with popular YouTube stars, Microsoft is now using car manufacturers, and real life race drivers in their presentations. I can’t help but think the fact that they used two female drivers is a ploy to appeal to their core market more, I mean it wouldn’t have been hard to have one guy and one girl would it?

Phil comes back out and ends this nonsense thank Christ, let’s see what he’s got going for him next. He only goes and says they’re showcasing 42 new games this presentation, half of which are on console only. 4A games reveal something now. It looks a lot like a new Metro game. The game ultilizes crossbows and gasmasks, it has to be a new Metro. It’s Metro Exodus, and it has mutant bears and everything!

Now we see some Assassin’s Creed Origins, badass! There’s everything from sliding down pyramids to taking on a giant serpent! This game is really going to be brilliant if they do what it looks like they’re doing, combining the best bits of every Assassin’s Creed game ever created. A Ubisoft representative comes out and says there are more RPG elements, and even show us on ‘Xbone X’. The gameplay looks impeccable, and shows us that we will play as a Mejai, a warrior from Africa who are incredibly spiritual and strong.  You can switch out gear on the fly, and the stealth looks just as perfect as Assassin’s Creed 4’s which was easily the best in packed out areas. One thing I will say is that the game looks to maybe give you a little too much power, able to direct arrows and such, but you can aim down bow sights.

Now we get something new again! PLAYERUNKNOWN himself comes out on stage, which we all know means that the game is coming to Xbox One X, the game being BATTLEGROUNDS if you weren’t aware. The Xbox One X will launch with this game alongside it, and an update is coming for that same time as well.

Next up is a bit of a weird one, Deep Rock Galactic which looks to combine crafting and four player PVE.

Another game comes on right after! Sounds a lot like The Walking Dead/Days Gone. But of course it’s going to be State of Decay 2. The graphics look so much better than the original, and the world looks massive too, with all of what we loved from the original and more.

Next on we have a sinister Hunger Games battle royal style game. This is The Darwin Project and it looks like it has it’s eye on Overwatch’s mantle. I’m it sure what to think of it, seems like it’s a long way off, and like I said a blatant attempt at taking on Overwatch.

Minecraft comes out for the obligatory feature next. The news here seems to be that Mojang have something called a Grand Director! Not really, of course I mean that you can play Minecraft together across all platforms from now on, or when it launches I suppose. There’s even confirmation of a Switch version if that was supposed to be a think, oh and it’ll all be in 4K. A new Super Duper Graphics Pack is launching this fall and will overhaul the game so it looks like all of those Reddit mod shots.

Phil is talking about unique games now so I think we’re going to see a bunch of Indies all in one. The first is a new Dragon Ball fighter game that looks just as crazy as all the others. Next we have what seems to be a new Waling Simulator, though it isn’t because of the awesome combat and beautiful characters, no I think this is Black Desert Online. Yep, it is. Now we’re seeing pixel art and hyper-realistic graphics combined, I’m into it. This is The Last Night and it’s really great looking. The next game is guitar 2D platfoming and Broken Age styling, The Artful Escape. The next game is fantasy RPG gone crazy, and I mean crazy-looking, this is CodeVein.

Something I’d totally forgotten about now, Sea of Thieves gameplay again! We have a narrator telling us that this is a shared world and that’s why we’re all here. Raiding shipwrecks has looked better, but it looks fun, and the multiplayer aspect is something I can only say adds to the whole experience. There are sharks to hunt you and almost anything can be found in and around the seam including a number of regions. There seem to be ships to fight with, filled with other players, as well as treasure maps and riddles to follow for sweet rewards. Any game that lets you shoot yourself onto the enemy’s ship is alright in my book.

Fullbright show an actual walking simulator in Tacoma next.

Next up is a Mario style platformer with a young fox cub and some butterflies. I’m not sure what to think but it’s probably gained traction off of Yookalaylee’s success. This is Super Lucky’s Tale.

Now we see Cuphead. You guys know it all, but it’s coming out this September.

Terry Crews is on screen now for the new Crackdown, correctly named Crackdown 3. After that we have the usual montage of games new and old coming out for Xbox One X. This includes Observer, Surviving Mars, Ooblets, Hello Neighbour, and Conan Exiles, but where is Anthem?

Next we see a stylistic new game that appears to be about a man and wife exploring a dystopian fantasy future, Ashen. Next is Life is Strange 2! With an older protagonist and more tiney winey bendy stuff, and emotions! So much emotions!

Here we go, Shadow of War with enemies slagging you off to your face! We get a decent look at the new environments to conquer, and new ways to capture orcs. Two new features to the Nemesis system are Nemesis Fortresses, obviously specific to each playthrough, and tougher foes who won’t bend so easily. Bruce the Aussie Orc is bloody brilliant and I can’t get over how much fun he makes the universe. There’s a system for planning your attack on the fortress so that makes it seem better than the random attack and rely on the guys you’ve saved plan from previous videos.

Now we can see the new Ori in all of its glory, it’s quite beautiful. Ori and the Will of Whisps.

Xbox backwards compatibility is being expanded to classic Xbox games, this is pretty major! This includes Crimson Skies. The new expansion will release later this year. Alongide this games on Xbox One consoles are getting 4K updates as well as other titles from developer like Capcom and Square Enix.

I hope that Phil is talking about Anthem here, he’s talking about something key to Xbox One X. Yep, it’s EA worldwide studios dude on stage now, he’s talking about a new IP, it’s all here. He even says Bioware, anyone who isn’t thinking Anthem should just leave the hall now. Jon Warner from Bioware enters now to show off the game. Massive machines inside the human city helping society run, and people walking around looking poor and scared of the world. The protagonist is a freelancer, someone who leaves the city to defend humanity outside in the big wide world, and apparently it’s multiplayer. The Exo suits are called Javelins, and are full customisable. It’s odd because it feels like an MMO but has the detailed open world of a single player title. This really feels like an MMO, now the gear has classes and rarity to it. So the details are light and this is the end of the conference, but Anthem looks like a decent concept at this point at least.

So ending thoughts, I think that this was a fairly strong conference for Microsoft. They showed off a lot of games and talked about the Scorpio, Xbox One X. I’ve been excited for Scorpio since it was announced, and now I’m happy but apprehensive because of the price. Of the games shown here I thin Assassin’s Creed Origins and Anthem stole the show, nothing else comes close to living up to the series or concept, respectively, that these games showed today.

Stick with Clipping Error for more E3 2017 live blogging this week!

Image Source: WindowsCentral


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