The Last Of Us Part 2 – A Story Of Hate

The Last Of Us Part 2 – A Story Of Hate

With the announcement of The Last Of Us 2 at Playstation Experience 2016, there has come much excitement for the chance to revisit a world so dear to so many. However, more than a few questions have been raised by the trailer, which shows Ellie, five years on from the end of the original game, sitting in a house filled with dead people, playing the guitar. The impetus here is that Ellie has killed these people, as the only words she utters at the end of the trailer are those of hatred, indicative of many more deaths in the future.

Neil Drukmann returns to direct The Last Of Us Part 2, but former Director Bruce Straley will not be returning as he’s taking some much deserved time off. This has raised a number of eyebrows in concern, as the duo that was Druckmann and Straley is largely what drove The Last Of Us to be the game it was. Of course everyone who worked on the game had a massive impact on it, but these guys had wanted to make The Last Of Us for a long time, and when they were given the chance they didn’t screw it up. Now however, it seems as though we might not get exactly what we’re after from the sequel, but that isn’t such a bad thing.

The Last Of Us was a story of love, of Joel growing to care for Ellie over time, ultimately protecting her in the most brutally selfish ending you could wish for. The Last Of Us Part 2 is going to be a story of hate, seemingly all coming from Ellie. Where this hate stems from has not been revealed, but you can make some pretty decent guesses from the trailer. Of course the fanbase has been going crazy with all of their speculation as to wha the story may be, so we can take a look at those too.

Joel Is Dead Theory

Okay, so while this theory is heartbreaking, you’re playing as Ellie. When Joel appears in the trailer, he seems too casual, and clean, to have been involved in any kind of fight. No way would he have let Ellie go off and take down a group of people on her own, so the logical conclusion is that he’s dead. Why does he appear then? Well many believe that Joel is dead, and Ellie is hallucinating him, because she can’t cope with the idea that he’s gone. The people she’s going to kill are obviously the ones who killed Joel, but who are they outside of that?

If you go to the beginning of the trailer, you’ll note that the first indication that this is a trailer from The Last Of Us Part 2 is the Firefly symbol on the road sign. Joel destroyed the Firefly efforts for a cure when he killed the scientists, their leader, and took Ellie away from them. Should the Fireflies have killed Joel, Ellie would remember him with his gun, fighting for his life. This would also explain why she’s in a Firefly safe house, filled with dead people, who it looks like she’s killed. The people she swears she’ll kill all of, in this case, is the Fireflies.

Joel Killed Himself Theory

This theory is based on the fact that Joel took away the world’s only chance for a cure to the infection. Wracked with guilt, not only over taking Ellie back, but also for the number of people he’s killed along the way, he takes his life. If Ellie witnessed this, she might be remembering Joel with his gun because that’s what he used to end his life. Fuel to this theory is that we only see half of Joel’s head, and not very clearly at that. Maybe there’s a hole in the left side of his head that we’re not seeing, and that’s what Ellie sees every time she imagines him.

Ellie Is Pregnant Theory

One this that ties all of these theories together is the fact that Joel is dead, this is something that’s pretty much confirmed according to the fanbase. In this theory, Ellie is pregnant, almost certainly not with Joel’s baby, and as a result she’s hallucinating. This is a known thing that happens to women in real life, hearing sounds and seeing people who aren’t there, but in this apocalyptic world it’s not hard to imagine that she’s seeing Joel to help her feel safe. Pregnant women want to protect their babies, and Ellie’s form of protection would be Joel, since he saved her from so much in the past. Maybe we’ll even see Joel sacrifice himself to protect the pregnant Ellie at the game’s opening, if this is the true theory.

Ellie Is Dead Theory

Now this theory is really out there, but might be in the realms of possibility. Ellie is the main character, but there’s nothing to say that her and Joel are actually travelling together anymore. As we play as Ellie, murdering her way through whatever group of people she hates, we might also catch glimpses of Joel as he follows her path of destruction. As Joel speaks, it seems as though it’s to no one at all, and that would make sense if he was in the room, imagining what Ellie did after the fact. He knows her better than anyone, knows how to see her kills, knows she’d play the guitar, and could track her a long way. If Ellie believes Joel is dead, or if someone took her child, relating to the above theory, or killed someone else she loves, then it’s reasonable to see her, a teenager, going on a killing rampage in this messed up world.

The story of hate in any of these theories would be enough to contrast the incredible love that Joel showed us in the original. Let me know if you think any of these is likely to be true in the comments.

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