Ubisoft E3 2017 Conference Live Blogging

Ubisoft E3 2017 Conference Live Blogging

I’ve been blogging about all of the E3 2017 press conferences so far, keep an eye on Clipping Error if you want to read more! Refresh every five minutes for the most up to date info.

The conference begins with a Rabbids animation, pretty much staple for E3 with Ubisoft at this point. This actually has a point this year though, because Rabbids are being combined with the universe of Mario! Miyamoto himself then enters the room to discuss the plans for the game ahead. The game will be Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. After some banter the two get into the nitty gritty of the game, which I suspect is going to come to Switch only. The gameplay looks extremely confusing, with a small robot leading a team of Mario and a couple of Rabbids. This is a turn based tactical combat game, meaning you need to choose where characters will move in a turn and what they’ll do, and the enemy will do the same. The best way to describe this is Xcom with Mario and Rabbids, and it doens’t look terrible! On the contrary, it looks to have depth and addictive gameplay both in battles and the general feel of moving around the world.

Next we have Assassin’s Creed Origins straight from the creators! I hope we get some new gameplay! This is the very beginning of the Assassin brotherhood, they point they formed and decided to take on the Templars. The game has been reinvented to be different, better and yet familiar for all fans new and old. It seems like there’s some issue between the local crocodile population and the ships people are sailing at this time, because we basically see them tear one apart. Eagle vision is literally using an eagle to get a view of the surroundings. I like that this is how they’ve devolved Eagle vision, but I hope they explain how it all links together at some point.

Now were seeing a cinematic trailer for The Crew 2 I think. It appears as though the game is extending to planes as well as cars, but has a heavy focus on being able to race and compete in all kinds of motorsports, including speedboat races. It’ll be interesting to see if this is still an MMOCARPG, or a single player experience. Well they’ve not told us it’s offline yet so I think that’s a good sign, especially given The Crew is the only MMO racer and a pretty decent concept. While the first game focused on road racing only, here you can literally race everywhere, from the roads and woods, to the sea and air,it looks exciting and new and I’m totally into it!

What’s next? South Park The Fractured But Whole! I think we all know everything we need to know at this point, any more and we’ll have spoiled the game for ourselves. It still looks good though.

Now we’ve got something in VR, something that requires a desk and two people talking about it. The game stars Elijah Wood I thin, he’s in the trailer anyway, talking about how Ubisoft has found a way to store brain data in computers. The experience is called Transference, like that Johnny Depp movie.

Next up is something new! The game is a sailing game set in 1721, so I guess you’re a pirate, which is good given this is from the team behind Black Flag. It has the feel of For Honor but with ships, it’s odd but also really compelling, or oddly compelling. The game is called Skull and Bones, and I can’t see me not playing it for the rest of my life. They just said that yes, this is Assassin’s Creed sailing but in a game of its own. You’ll be able to work with other players in a kind of EVE style of open world where players can work together and form companies who collaborate over which ships they plunder. There are different ship classes, all of which are required in a gang in order to dominate others on the seas. The sailing is indistinguishable from Black Flag, a good thing, and has just the right pace to it. They end the showcase with the reminder that the sea will attack when you mess with it, and display a huge kraken!

This is the point in the show where we have the obligatory Just Dance routine, it’s nothing new but you should know there’s a new game on the way. Oh and there’s a South Park mobile game about playing cowboys and indians that actually looks okay!

Next up is a new game set in space, specifically on Atlas. This game is about having cool little minatures to customise your in-game ship. You then take on something called the Legion and utterly cain them with your badass tech, on Nintendo Switch. This is Starlink. I like the idea of being able to play this on the go.

New announcement now! But it looks like it’s for Steep, the MMO-like snow sports game. The new expansion, whatever it might be called, is coming in December and sounds like it’s centred around the high level competitive events such as the Winter Olympics. It is the Winter Olympics, it really is.

Far Cry 5 is up next, and if I’m honest this is the game people have been waiting for. The opening scenes foreshadow the events of the trailer. Hope County has been overrun, and you have to build up support to help you free it from the religious nutters who’ve taken it. While they’re might not be animal taming, you do get a dog. You can also direct allies to where you want them to wait to cover you or follow you in. Planes. Want more than that? How about tractors with combine attachments? How about helicopters and a dog that brings you guns! What is this game!?

Net up is a game that looks just like The Fifth Element, but it’s definitely Beyond Good and Evil 2! It’s just a cinematic trailer but man is it a good one! The devs and crowd basically lose it over this, understandably. People have been waiting for this for a very long time and it’s about time it came around.

All of these games have betas open for you to register to, so I’d go and do that if you’ve got an interest in any of them.

That’s a rap then guys. I really enjoyed this conference and not for the reason I thought I would . I wanted to watch Assassin’s Creed Origins and that’s all, and now I want the new Mario game, I obviously want Far Cry 5, I’m strangely intrigued by The Crew 2, and I’ve found out that there’s this whole new pirate game on the way that is all I want to play from the point it comes out until the console dies. Of course Beyond Good and Evil 2 was a complete surprise, but how close the game is to release is a very different question to whether Ubisoft had anything to show such as this cinematic trailer. Honestly, this is the star of E3 2017 right here. Let me know what you thought, I’m off to bed!

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