What Is Vampyr?

What Is Vampyr?

Sony have released a new trailer for Vampyr ahead of E3. While we know very little about the game currently I think it’s okay to make some educated guesses based on the trailer, then see if I was right once E3 2017 has passed.

So what can we see from the trailer? Well Vampyr is set in London during 1918 when the city is being ravaged by a flu epidemic. People are dropping like flies left right and centre because at this point in history we were all filthy backwards people who barely bathed and mostly worked in places that got us covered in all kinds of dirt. Players take on the role of physician Jonathan Reid, a learned vampire who makes a fresh change from the classic blood-focussed lot we’re usually faced with in every other single game and media form that features vampires. As Dr. Reid players will be treating Londoners for their severe cases of Flu, most likely watching them die, but also killing them and drinking their blood in order to sustain himself. The morality here is extremely vague, and the line between good and evil is so blurred that it’s been forgotten about.

In the trailer we see a number of different aspects to the game, so let’s explore what the gameplay might be like as I go through them.

Firstly let’s talk about class. You can’t talk about London at almost any point in civilised history and not mention class. There will always be those who think they’re better than others, and you’ll always be able to see the colossal difference between the rich and the poor. Here in Vampyr’s version of London, things are very bleak indeed. The rich seem to hold up in the finest hotels and houses the city has to offer, with staff, lights, and live meals. In the trailer we see a group of distinguished gentlemen staring out of a window that overlooks London, while one of the men, more senior and elderly, is sucking the blood out of the neck of a young girl. The girl looks as though she’d belong in high society, so I think we can expect some form of shady dealings going on around this set of men. Whether they’re paying for fine young women to drink from out of some need for purity in their blood, or simply because they’ve got loads of money and think it’s fun to buy humans for food, I think Dr. Reid will inadvertently walk into their scheme resulting in players having the choice to reveal it or keep it a secret. This group of men may even be the best of the best in the vampire world, ruling over all others, which would make for a very interesting storyline.

Staying on the topic of class, we see other vampires in the game other than Dr. Reid. These guys look like thugs, like the poorer class of vampire, and they seem to be fighting amongst themselves. There’s even some sort of huge vampire monster that seems to be taking on the other vampires as part of this in-fighting. The question is, are these vampires the result of other vampires in the city drinking the blood of Londoners and leaving their corpses to reanimate, or are they all the result of Dr. Reid. An interesting system would be to see the number of mysterious killings across the city increase as players choose to murder more people by drinking their blood, as long as there’s an option to only drink a little and leave the Human alive. Another great question that’s open here is whether or not these vampires can be controlled by the one who created them. If players can have a small army of vampires at their disposal then it would change the feeling of the blurry morality system, making it feel less important, so I don’t think this will be a system. What might be in place is a head vampire, one of those aforementioned gentlemen, who control all vampires regardless of who they’re created by. In this way, players would want to kill Humans even less because it would mean adding to the forces of those Dr. Reid is probably against.

Now let’s talk about this new police force that’s wondering around the city. At one point we see Dr. Reid fighting with men dressed up in what look like outfits made to stop them getting the Flu. these soldiers are also seen fighting other vampires, as well as generally enforcing order upon the poor folk. What makes these guys very different to our current bobbies is the fact that they have stake guns, almost crossbow like weapons that have steaks loaded into them ready to be fired into the chest of the next blood sucker. Dr. Reid would only be fighting these guys if he’d been detected as a vampire, so it’s very possible that these soldiers have a way to detect them. However, we also see Dr. Reid approach an area where these soldiers and other vampires are fighting, so it could be that he’s attempting to save humans inside and just ends up caught in the crossfire. Either way what we do see is Reid’s ability to teleport as some form of black dust through large areas, but this seems to lead to him needing to rest and drink some blood, which is unfortunate for any humans nearby. While we’ve barely seen any combat so far, I think there will be a strong focus on stealth given this teleport ability, as well as the fact that those soldiers seem incredibly well armed.

Finally let’s look back at the Human aspect of Vampyr. Dr. Reid is clearly a man who either wants to retain his Humanity by staying part of the culture he’s from, or he’s a vampire who is deeply troubled by the things he’s done and wants to atone for his deeds. No vampire would choose the life of a physician and treat Humans for illnesses if they could live forever and basically rule over Humans as they see fit, unless they have a terrrible past or something worth clinging onto in the life they no longer have. I’ll revisit these thoughts after E3 2017 and see if anything I’ve written about was right, or just a bunch of crap.

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